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Our working principles

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No double counting

We ensure that the carbon sequestered from our trees is not counted more than once. Each tree is planted directly due to an action by a user or business partner.

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Our tree planting sites are protected by local government and community contracts. By doing so, land is safeguarded from being bought or used for a different purpose.

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With 150+ species planted across our global sites, we pride ourselves on transparency via the online open source platform Restor.eco.

Why plant trees with us?

Treeapp helps grow your positive impact on the planet in 3 steps

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Bringing the best experts together to hand-pick the most impactful tree-planting projects

Planting trees isn’t an easy thing. And growing tree nurseries requires care & knowledge.

That’s why we gathered a board of experts in forestry to support our ongoing planting activities.

  • Daniel Fishburn
    Daniel Fishburn

    PhD candidate in Ecology at Bangor University

    Daniel works on Treeapp’s carbon offsetting whilst working on carbon dynamics at Bangor University.

    With a strong focus on tropical forests, Daniel advises us on the best methods to plant trees across our sites.

  • Samantha Amblert
    Samantha Amblert

    Restoration and Forestry Specialist

    Samantha works on Treeapp’s community planting models, whilst working for a tree-planting NGO on site in Madagascar.

    Through her hands-on work, Samantha understands local tree-planting practices and suggests new ways of working for Treeapp.

  • Jenna Davis
    Jenna Davis

    Yale - International Development Specialist

    Jenna provides Treeapp with a holistic approach to tree-planting, having worked in food security, agroforestry and land stewardship.

    As a researcher, Jenna supports Treeapp on the most up-to-date models around tree-planting and its practices.

  • David Markovitz
    David Markovitz

    Restoration and Forestry Expert

    David provides Treeapp with a holistic approach to tree-planting, having worked as a forest ecologist and advisor on a variety of projects across the globe.

    With the knowledge of many forestry organisations and institutions, David is able to tailor his experience to provide fitting solutions for Treeapp.

  • Subira Bonhomme
    Subira Bonhomme

    Agroforestry Expert

    Subira is an expert in agroforestry, working on projects across Congo. His understanding of the community benefits attained through planting fruit and nut trees is applied to Treeapp’s sites.

    He has also focused on livelihood surveys including household coping strategies in rural areas and how reforestation can help yield better results.

How we choose our planting partners

Our due diligence process includes a forestry board who look at every aspect of the planting processes of potential partners
1 Trees must benefit the local communities in planting zones.
2 Contracts between landowners and local governments are a necessity and last 15+ years.
3 Financial statements & external audits are reviewed by Treeapp in detail.
4 Other factors such as access to sites, fencing and local seed providers are all closely evaluated. This enables us to have 85%+ of trees reaching maturity.
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Our process has also been independently
verified by B Corp

Our global reforestation projects

  • Our team on site in the UK
  • Our team on site in the UK
  • Planting site in the UK
  • Godefroy Harito planting trees in the UK
  • 1-year growth of the hedgerow planted in the UK

Tree Planting in the UK

Plant trees for your company in our local sites!

Contact us at hello@thetreeapp.org

Our 2024 Impact Report

We’re very proud of the impact we are having year on year.

Check out our 2024 Impact Report to see how we have made our mark and what we are planning next!

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