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Deforestation is not just about trees

Forests all around the globe, which are already shrinking at an alarming rate, are slowly reaching their maximum carbon storage capacity - they won't be able to absorb much more carbon for the decades to come. At the very least, we need new sources of carbon capture to take up the burden of human industry.

There are lots of different approaches to this problem. But it's only by planting trees that we can increase carbon capture, revitalise species and provide social and economic benefits to local communities.

Treeapp sponsors Madagascar

Madagascar has a special place in our hearts. Over the course of 150 years it has lost over 80% of it's forests through brutal slash-and-burn practices for agriculture, selective logging for precious wood and in some cases, forest clearing for mining.

The work already done by our NGO partners

  • 450m

    trees planted worldwide

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    workdays created

  • 132

    projects in 18 countries

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