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Answers to the questions you’ve not even thought of yet

  • Treeapp is a global tree planting organisation operating sites across the world, supporting both businesses & individuals to make a difference. Treeapp is a trading name of Forest Wide Limited, a social enterprise founded in 2019 and based in London.

    We have grown over the years, and our global reforestation movement now spans five continents, with millions of trees planted to make a climate-positive impact!

  • Treeapp has two different offerings, one for businesses and one for individuals.

    For individuals, Treeapp enables anyone to plant trees for free via its mobile app. Users can discover our planting activities across the world, decide where to plant their trees and view a short ad that will support the planting of their tree. Users can also choose to fund or gift trees directly.

    Treeapp also enables businesses to reach their CSR goals, showcase their environmental commitments to stakeholders, and absorb their carbon footprint by planting trees across the world. Are you looking to become carbon neutral? Grow your own “company” planting site? Or simply to have an environmental impact via tree planting? Get in touch here .

  • If you’re an individual, you can plant trees for free via our mobile app. Simply go to the App Store / Play Store , download Treeapp (only available in the UK and Ireland) and follow the onboarding steps in the app to support your first tree.

    If you’re part of a business, you can start your tree planting journey here . In three simple steps, choose what type of tree planting works for your company and start your sustainable journey today. Sign up for monthly tree planting to make a regular contribution, or use our automated tools to seamlessly integrate tree planting into your business.

    Get in touch with us at hello@thetreeapp.org if you’d like to discuss how tree planting can be integrated into your business.

  • Yes! Here’s how it works:

    1. We have gathered a group of tree planting experts who review our processes and ensure that our operations adhere to the best practices.
    2. We carefully select our tree planting partners worldwide to ensure your trees are planted and hold the highest likelihood of surviving till maturity.
    3. We manage our own sites in the UK and closely supervise the entire tree planting process.
    4. We measure our environmental impact remotely, using satellite and other remote sensing technologies, and physically, by sending teams to the sites and ensuring we have monthly catch-up meetings with our forestry experts, quarterly surveys, and biannual survivability surveys.

    You can read more about our operations here .

  • This varies depending on the soil & environment of the reforestation project. In general, the trees are grown to sapling size in our partners’ nurseries and then planted in the ground during the planting season specific to the location. In certain regions, the dry deciduous forest trees are grown to seedling size in nurseries before planting. For our coastal projects, mangroves are usually planted directly from propagules.

    All of our projects meet stringent criteria regarding transparency & operations. We are working only with projects that are fully transparent on their tree planting operations, continuously monitor the forests' health over time and have perpetuity protection for the planting lands.

    Are you working for or are part of a tree planting organisation and would like to join us? Please reach out at hello@thetreeapp.org , and we will be excited to discuss the opportunity. Thank you for considering us.

  • Our app allows users to plant trees for free by watching ads. Every day, you select where you would like to plant and watch a short advert. This ad helps fund tree planting initiatives in the location you’ve chosen. You can also purchase additional trees, contributing to our reforestation activities. We help you track and absorb your carbon footprint by providing an estimation of the carbon absorbed by your trees.

  • The planting of trees is possible due to the funding we receive from advertisers. These are either the curated, sustainable companies we feature directly in our mobile app or third-party advertisers who display ads. The more ads you watch, the more money will go to our tree planting partners, and the more trees will get planted!

    If you want to avoid watching ads and fund reforestation projects directly, you can always buy trees for yourself or as a gift, either monthly or one-off.

  • Treeapp and the trusted third-party companies we work with have stringent data policies. We use any data you choose to provide to improve the experience you receive in the app. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy .

  • There could be a few reasons why the app isn’t working well for you. If you notice any issues in the app, please drop us a note at hello@thetreeapp.org so we can make things right.

  • Businesses invest in tree planting for a mix of strategic and environmental reasons.

    From an environmental standpoint, trees play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide and supporting biodiversity, making it a tangible contribution to the fight against climate change.

    On the strategic side, it supports the company brand image – showing that a business is committed to sustainability and helping mitigate their carbon footprint. Moreover, tree planting initiatives positively impact employee well-being and company culture.

  • We have a range of solutions to help you reach your sustainability goals. We offer one-off tree planting, subscription packages or “Climate Positive Team” packages that provide a mix of carbon credits and tree planting.

    Moreover, our suite of automatic tree planting tools is designed to integrate into your business seamlessly. Plant a tree for every order on your website, every customer, every candidate interviewed - the possibilities are endless.

    To get started with any of our solutions, sign up for a free account here or reach out to us at sales@thetreeapp.org .

  • The cost varies depending on the location. For the majority of our global sites, the price is £1 per tree. However, planting costs for the UK and Europe may vary. Please contact us at hello@thetreeapp.org for more information regarding pricing in these regions.

  • We believe in the importance of transparency in tree planting and strive to keep everyone informed about the progress of their trees. As you continue to plant trees with us, you’ll gain access to various assets, such as photos and videos from our planting sites, ensuring you’re connected to the impact of your contributions. Utilising satellite imagery and scientific data accessible on the Restor.eco platform, you can track the journey of your trees from planting sites worldwide, whether it’s the mountains of Nepal or the deserts of Ethiopia. Additionally, you can always refer to our tree planting page and annual Impact Report for comprehensive information on our tree planting efforts.

  • We have partnered with 1,000+ companies to integrate sustainability initiatives into their business. You can read about our successful partnerships in the Case Studies section of our blog . Or reach out to us at sales@thetreeapp.org for more information.

  • The Treeapp API allows you to connect your existing systems to our leading tree planting services and customise how you wish to plant trees (e.g. for each order placed online) & receive customised statistics about your company’s impact (e.g. trees planted, CO2 absorbed, etc.).

  • All over the world! For the API, tree planting is spread across our sites to ensure we plant the right tree in the right place, taking into account planting season. To read more about our tree planting operations, see here .

  • Nothing - it’s free! You only pay for the trees you wish to plant.

  • The count of trees you have planted, kilograms of CO2 absorbed across the average lifetime of your trees, square metres of land restored, and workdays created for the local communities where the trees are planted.

  • In order to use the API, you will need to create an account with us on our business portal and create an API key (choosing how you wish to pay, by invoice or card). You can have multiple API keys associated with your account, each one linked to a payment method you specify (e.g. specific accounting preferences to pay by invoice or by card).

  • The nature of our API is to make it easy to integrate with whatever you wish, so while we can answer questions and provide guidance, we wouldn’t be able to do the development and integration within your systems. Many clients who we work with implement the API themselves, but it’s also possible to hire a freelancer or agency to do it on your behalf as a small project.

  • Yes. No personal or payment details are used in our APIs, these are only required to create an account on our website and are never exposed publicly. To protect your account even further, all API usage is secured with your own, unique API key to prevent others from accessing your details or data. We also don’t store your payment details, this is all handled by Stripe’s secure systems.

  • In order to use our API, you’ll need to head to Integrations in your business account and click on “+ Add a new API key” to add a payment method. This can be a payment card or you can opt to pay by invoice and pay via whatever method suits you. Billing works on a usage-based subscription, this means that you will be billed monthly, with all of your tree planting requests from the month processed at once. We use Stripe’s secure payments gateway to process both payments and invoices. With the Impact API reports, you can see current unpaid trees if you want to preview what you will be charged.

  • Currently, our API is only for planting trees but we are looking to grow our offering in the future.

  • The API uses REST, with the request & response payloads formatted in JSON. See samples in our API documentation .

  • We have comprehensive API documentation . If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to reach out to us here , and we’ll be happy to help!

  • Absolutely! While our API is a powerful tool, there are alternative methods to work with Treeapp. You can directly purchase trees from our website, whether as one-time contributions or through recurring subscriptions, allowing you to plant trees for various purposes such as with each order placed or for each employee. Trees planted through our website seamlessly contribute to your impact statistics through our API.

    Additionally, you can expand your integration options by utilising Zapier, enabling integration with thousands of apps you already use, without the need for coding. This streamlined approach offers flexibility and convenience in incorporating our tree planting services into your existing workflows.

    Furthermore, you can showcase your climate-positive efforts on your website by integrating our tree counter widget, providing a visually appealing representation of your environmental impact.