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Case Studies November 30, 2023

Tom Misch's Journey into Sustainability with Treeapp

Cassie Daley
Case Studies November 30, 2023

Imagine a world where the music industry is not just about sound but also about sustainability, where artists are not only creating hits but also planting trees. Tom Misch, the acclaimed artist, decided to make this vision a reality by joining forces with Treeapp. But what inspired this green initiative, and what were the goals behind it?


Tom Misch’s venture into eco-consciousness mirrored the rising tide of sustainability trends within the music industry. Icons such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Coldplay and The 1975 are championing eco-friendly practices, from biodegradable album packages to supporting environmental causes and hosting carbon-removed gigs.

Beyond the music scene, Tom has always cared about nature personally. His love for nature comes from his joy in it—being an avid surfer and nature lover, he cares about how we treat the world around us.

Objectives and Goals

Tom Misch embarked on a mission that was both eco-friendly and music-friendly. His objectives were twofold: to provide his fans with cool and good quality merch while reducing its environmental impact, and helping conservation projects worldwide.

Tom’s team was already rethinking the traditional merchandise model. Collaborating with Do Good Factory , they adopted more responsible design and manufacturing processes: transitioning to compostable packaging was another significant step. Then the cherry on top partnered with Treeapp and pledged to plant a tree for every order!

treeapp and tom misch’s partnership

Photo credit: @joshuahalling

Impact and Results

Tom Misch’s partnership with Treeapp has made a real positive impact. Thousands of orders have been placed and in turn thousands of trees planted. The projects that he chose to support were handpicked and each important to Tom:

Brazil Reforestation

Our reforesting project in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil held a special place in Tom’s heart due to his multiple performances and a collaboration with Brazilian music legend Marcos Valle. His sizable South American fanbase and a South America tour in May 2022 made this project resonate deeply. This site now grows native tree species including jacarandas, passion fruit vine and strawberry guava trees.

Aquatic Planting Projects in Guinea

Tom’s love for surfing and his passion for clean oceans led to projects aimed at restoring ocean health in Guinea. This initiative not only aligned with his personal values but also contributed to a cleaner environment.

UK-Based Projects

Tom’s UK-based fans are crucial, and his connection with UK nature for maintaining his own mental balance made these projects even more significant.

“It’s important to us that Tom’s merch goes beyond something purely transactional or throwaway, and is mindful of its longer-term impact on the environment. Treeapp has played a big role in helping us meet our sustainability goals, as well as giving us total transparency over the projects Tom’s fans are directly impacting through their purchases on the store. The team has been a pleasure to work with, and helped make the process very smooth!”

  • Brogues Cozens-McNeelance, Creative/Digital Director for Tom Misch

Lessons Learned

Tom has an incredibly engaged and passionate fanbase, and by combining projects he’s working on – merch or otherwise – with initiatives he aligns with, it has the power to create a really positive impact beyond his music.

Tom Misch’s collaboration with Treeapp narrates a tale where music and nature seamlessly intertwine with sustainability at their core. It stands as evidence that artists and brands can leverage their influence to make a meaningful impact on the environment, society, and their own mission.

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