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Case Studies November 30, 2023

Linc Cymru's Forest Initiative with Treeapp

Cassie Daley
Case Studies November 30, 2023


Linc Cymru, a socially responsible housing association and care provider set out on a mission to uplift the economic, social, environmental, and cultural wellbeing of their tenants, residents and community. Linc Cymru were seeking a partner to amplify biodiversity and pave the way to a carbon-neutral existence, they found their match in Treeapp. Why did they choose us? A commitment to identifying ideal sites, analysing native species needs, and ensuring trees thrived in their designated spots - a scientific approach that promised both expertise and value for money.

Objectives and Goals

As Linc Cymru set forth on their corporate tree-planting venture, the objectives were clear: value for money, sustainable planting practices, and the identification of the right land. Aligned with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015) and its seven goals, this initiative aimed not only for carbon zero targets but also to enhance biodiversity, create green havens, and contribute to community wellbeing. As well as, help deliver accountability to the Welsh Government’s Community Benefit and Social Value objectives. It wasn’t just about planting trees or hitting company targets for Linc Cymru; it was about fostering a greener, healthier future for their community.

Impact and Results

The anticipation builds as the end of November approaches, which marks both the start of the UK planting season and Linc Cymru’s company forest planting initiative. But to kick this season off with a bang Linc Cymru are planting an extra 200 trees on National Tree Week in Newport - one of their key areas of social housing provision. The impact is tangible - a growing company forest, a testament to the environmental, social, and corporate benefits this project promises.

Natalie Hawkins, the Social Value Manager at Linc, paints a vivid picture of the initiative’s impact: “This woodland in Newport is a popular recreational haven. Access to nature is vital for mental and physical health. Working hand in hand with Treeapp on large tree planting projects has been transformative.”

She continues, “Our commitment is to socially responsible organisations benefiting communities. Thanks to Treeapp’s expertise, we’re planting a variety of native species tailored for Newport. The area’s been sourced and analysed by experts, and their team will plant the trees, increasing the chances of survival.”

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