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Case Studies June 27, 2023

One Sign-Up, One Tree: EcoSend Automates Tree Planting

Sophie Badoche
Case Studies June 27, 2023

About EcoSend 

EcoSend is the climate conscious email marketing platform, from GoSquared , with the  mission to eliminate the carbon footprint of email marketing campaigns.

By planting trees with Treeapp, EcoSend is able to reduce the emissions generated from email campaigns, with full transparency.

The environmental cost of email marketing

Email is one of the most popular internet based activities, with over 340 billion emails sent every day

According to Mike Berners-Lee’s latest edition of How Bad Are Bananas? , the average carbon footprint of an email is 0.3g CO2e. However this number goes up to 26g CO2e if it’s got one image or an attachment!

With global email sending predicted to grow to 376.4 billion/day in 2025, the emissions problem is also growing.

Treeapp’s API: A Catalyst for EcoSend’s Climate Solution

The partnership will offer every new customer that signs up with EcoSend the opportunity to contribute to reforestation efforts through Treeapp.

Depending on the EcoSend subscription level that a company has, trees will be planted to absorb any carbon emissions associated with their email marketing activities.

EcoSend Dashboard

EcoSend will be able to see the impact of their trees planted, from CO2 tonnes absorbed, workdays created & land reforested - and watch their impact grow. 

There are plans in motion for a customer specific dashboard where they will be able to see the emissions absorbed from their own campaigns. This will provide further evidence to internal teams on their environmental impact which can be important for ESG reporting.

Automated Tree Planting: Making a Lasting Impact

EcoSend wanted to be able to automate the tree planting process in order to scale their tree planting efforts, and have been able to improve the sustainability of their customers’ email marketing campaigns by integrating Treeapp’s API to their solution.

James Gill, co-founder of EcoSend, said:

“The partnership with Treeapp is a game changer in terms of visibility for our customers. Gone are the days when people were happy enough to pay to reduce their carbon emissions without evidence of their impact. This level of transparency aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing our customers with an understanding of their environmental impact. We hope by showing our customers this, it will inspire them to continuously improve and motivate others to join our mission.”

Interested in our API solution? 

Our APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate tree planting into your business. While our APIs are completely customisable, the most popular ways our clients use them are to: Plant a tree for every order, each user, every employee, etc.

API Logic Flow

An example of how it could work for an e-commerce business

You can automatically plant trees and have the impact at your fingertips! Our suite of APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate your systems with ours to automatically plant trees on your terms and display your impact (e.g. area reforested) however you want, to whoever you want. 

If you’re interested in our API and if you’re inspired by our partnership with EcoSend, get started here !

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