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Our News March 9, 2023

Automate your climate impact via Treeapp’s API

Sophie Badoche
Our News March 9, 2023

Whether you want to plant a tree for every product sold or every new employee, tree planting can be fully tailored to, and aligned with, the needs of your business. What’s more, now this can be done automatically!

Our new suite of APIs (or as we like to call it SaaS - Sustainability as a Service), allow you to seamlessly integrate your systems with ours to automatically plant trees on your terms and display your impact (e.g. area reforested) however you want, to whoever you want.

You can also decide how to tell your business’ story by receiving customised statistics about your company’s impact - automatically. From carbon absorption to area reforested, get access to all the impact statistics of your trees and display it to your stakeholders dynamically. 

Photo: Use case of how our API can plant a tree for every order, but you decide how & what to plant for!

Ready to take climate action? Recent studies show that planting trees can also help you grow  customer / employee loyalty

Plant a tree for every order, every user, every employee… Our APIs are fully customisable, once you’ve decided on your use case, all you need is someone with tech skills who can plug your system in with ours! 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, tree!

  1. Create your unique API keys and decide how you want to pay (card or invoice) in your account’s settings section (get started by creating an account here
  2. View our API documentation and integrate with your system(s)
  3. Start making an impact automatically!

We take tree planting extremely seriously at Treeapp. We’ve spent years working closely with local farmers, communities and experts to be the best at what we do - planting millions of trees in a sustainable & transparent way to make real impact .

Photo: Our tree planting site in Peru

Photo: Our tree planting site in Peru

Start your sustainable journey with Treeapp - get started here !

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