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Green Living December 23, 2022

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Sophie Badoche
Green Living December 23, 2022

Did you know that during Christmas, we produce 30% more waste than we do in the rest of the year ?⁠ But Christmas does not have to be a wasteful holiday! We’re here to help you find the perfect gift that won’t cost the earth and will bring smiles to your loved ones’ face!

Here’s the team’s sustainable christmas gift ideas:

1. Bamboo Socks

Available from £9.50, Bare Kind offers a variety of socks, made from bamboo, with cute animals patterns! But not only are these socks eco-friendly, they also help save endangered species. For every sale, 10% of profits is donated to charities from all over the world that save the animal on that sock. If you know someone who loves animals, this might be the perfect gift!

Tree planting for business

Photo: Animal bamboo socks (Source: Barekind)

2. A bee revival kit 

By pollinating our plants and providing habitats for wildlife, bees play an important role in maintaining our planet. But their numbers are decreasing across the world. That’s why Beevive offers a range of products to help save the bees, including their  original “seedballs” for scattering wildflower seeds (from £5), “Bee revival keyring” for tired bees (£10.99), and a beehive to provide essential shelter for bees to nest, rest and lay eggs (£22.50)! What better gift than to give your loved ones the opportunity to become a planet-heroes!

Treeapp and Beevive

Photo: Bee revival kit (source: Beevive)

3. Sustainable water bottles

It’s important to stay hydrated, but how about doing so whilst saving the oceans? Ocean Bottle offers a variety of bottles made from recycled Stainless Steel. They come in different colours, such as a fire red or sky blue, and different size: £35 for the 500ml model and £45 for the 1L model.

On top of that, everytime you buy an Ocean Bottle, you fund the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles before they enter the ocean. Collectors in coastal communities then exchange this plastic for money that gives them access to social resources such as healthcare, education and financial security. Not only are you being stylish when drinking, you’re also saving the environment!

Treeapp and Ocean Bottle

Photo: Sustainable water bottles (Source: Ocean bottle)

4. Gift Trees!

Why not gift trees! Trees are vital as they provide us with oxygen, they stabilise the soil, store carbon and give habitats to the world’s wildlife. On our tree store , you can now buy bundles of trees across the world, in countries as beautiful as Burundi, Peru or Madagascar! The Treeapp gift card, available from £5, also allows you to gift trees to your friends and family. Here is a gift that keeps on giving! It’s this easy to become a forest hero!

Gift Treeapp trees

Photo: Gift card (Source: Treeapp)

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