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Projects October 1, 2020

Plant in Peru!

Sophie Badoche
Projects October 1, 2020

Treeapp Partners with a Peruvian NGO

We are excited to announce our newest NGO partner, Progreso, on Treeapp, which operates within Peru’s borders in order to support local farming collectives. From 2nd October 2020, Treeapp users can plant a tree every day in Peru, located on the western coast of South America.

Treeapp’s world icon showing Peru

Photo: World icon showing Peru

Protecting Livelihoods in Peru

Peru is the first South American country to go live on Treeapp. Supporting reforestation efforts on the continent is essential to reversing the effects of large-scale logging that has stripped large stretches of lands from their forest cover. Without dense woodlands, lowland fields remain unprotected from flooding throughout the rainy season. Accelerated desertification during summer, caused by both human activity and climate change, cause the grounds to become dry and infertile. Important water sources such as watersheds and reservoirs are increasingly facing depletion rates beyond their rate of replacement.

Agricultural Cooperative Partnerships Reforest Peru

Progreso’s mission is to protect Peru’s small percentage of primary forests (forests home to native tree species and undisturbed by human activity) as well as to regenerate forests that have been cut down. The NGO is working to empower farmers to take care of both forests and farms in a sustainable manner. In addition to the reforestation effort itself, changing farming practices are also bearing fruits.

Agricultural smallholders have realised how neighbouring reforestation efforts positively affect the yields of their own farms. Both nutrient and moisture levels of soils improve, as does water quality in watersheds. As a result, locals are more aware of the wide-reaching effects of traditional logging and slash and burn practices. Whenever possible, branches of trees are collected for firewood instead of cutting the trunk of the tree.

Another change implemented among many farmers is that Coffee trees are planted among other larger forestry species in order to provide shade for the cultivation of ‘shade grown coffee’ which produces Arabica beans. Shade grown coffee is beneficial to the environment as it mimics how wild coffee trees grow naturally. Less fertiliser, less pesticides and less soil erosion all in exchange for much more flavour!

Horses carrying Treeapp saplings up the mountains

Photo: Horses carrying saplings up the mountains

Overall, Progreso is able to facilitate the reforestation of 600 hectares every year. In addition, the NGO has set up over 100 tree nurseries across Peru. Saplings are grown in these nurseries from June to December. Thereafter, the young trees are planted into the ground during the rainy season which lasts from December to April.

Where Your Planting Efforts Make the Difference

Treeapp trees will be planted in Lechuga, in the region of Piura, which is subject to both the El Niño current and the Humboldt current. The periodic warming and cooling results in both tropical and arid climates occurring in this area. Here, over 25 hectares of forests have been regenerated so far. Planting trees with Treeapp ensures that native species, adapted to harsh conditions, are planted in this location. Species include Walnut and Fig trees which have vigorous roots that can withstand changing microclimates.

By doing so, local wildlife is set to return to the reforested areas. Over 1800 species of birds make the Peruvian forests their home. The colourful parrot and the west peruvian dove are adapted to survive both in subtropical and dry environments. Similarly, the musk hog, also known as collared peccary, is able to live in various habitats and deforestation has attracted the species to live closer to Peru’s cities and towns. Revitalising ecosystems will ensure that both endangered and common species are able to retreat back into their natural environment.

Treeapp icons of native animal species in Peru

Photo: Icons of native animal species in Peru

Strengthening Communities

Progreso is strongly involved with local communities, equipping local farmers with the training and tools to grow and care for their own trees. They also work in conjunction with the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Norandino to address the need of poverty alleviation. The organisation promotes formal access to credit and savings opportunities for more than 18,000 agricultural producers in Peru. Local development in rural areas is increasingly thriving as a result of Progreso’s reforestation work and its close ties to administrations, cooperatives and farmers.

Farmers monitoring the progress of Treeapp’s tree growth in Peru

Photo: Farmers monitoring the progress of tree growth in Peru

Treeapp will be working closely with Progreso in order to support their planting mission. Are you excited to join the reforestation movement in Peru? Support the planting efforts and download Treeapp to start planting today!

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