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Green Living January 7, 2021

5 Brands We Love

Sophie Badoche
Green Living January 7, 2021

Since our previous blogpost on 5 Treeapp partners that we love right now , we have welcomed some new brand partners to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle whilst working towards a sustainable future. Here are 5 more alternative and amazing brands we’re delighted to share with you to start 2021 the right way!


Photo: Hurr (Shop here!)

Photo: Hurr (Shop here! )

With ever faster changing trends and seasonal cycles, the fashion industry generates 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions. It is also the second-largest water consumption industry in the world, and pollutes the oceans and streams with toxic chemicals and microplastics. By encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle though repurposing and regenerating fashion, HURR’s mission is to transform consumer behaviour and put a stop to fast fashion.

HURR’s fashion rental platform is enabling a marketplace for individual renters and lenders who are interested in monetising their wardrobe, thus making fashion sustainable and accessible. Through HURR, the fashion industry’s linear model of produce-use-dispose is replaced with the introduction of a circular economy: rent-reuse-repurpose.


Photo: Wild (Shop here!)

Photo: Wild (Shop here! )

Single-use plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic packaging… ‘plastic’ isn’t unfamiliar to anyone’s daily life. But have you ever thought about the footprint of your bathroom products? Less than 50% products used in the bathroom are recycled and only 9% of used plastics in general are actually recycled - the rest are disposed of or put in landfill.

To change the habits of single-use plastic, Wild are on a mission to reinvent sustainability in the bathroom with stylish, natural and eco-friendly products conveniently delivered to your door.

Wild enable consumers to personalise deodorants: from choosing the colour of the reusable and 100% plastic-free aluminium case, to choosing from over five different scents - you are able to keep the case for a lifetime and produce zero-waste by just inserting new refills of deodorant! The natural ingredients used in their deodorants are also suitable for children and people with sensitive skin - they really offer the choice that is both kind to your skin and to the planet.


Photo: Homethings (Shop here!)

Photo: Homethings (Shop here! )

Another one of our favourite brands fighting the plastic war is Homethings, which produces cleaning sprays for your home. Homethings sees that “recycling isn’t the golden ticket when it comes to saving the planet”. So in order to fundamentally solve the problems associated with plastics, Homethings turned to providing refillable glass bottles that can last a lifetime and are complemented by tablets that turn into cleaning sprays when added to water.

Benchmarking itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - responsible consumption and production - Homethings takes into account the potential environmental impact throughout every stage of its production pipeline, minimising negative externalities.

Intrigued? It takes three simple steps—order online, have a #GoodCleanSesh, then refill and reuse—clean your home conveniently with non-toxic and zero-waste Homethings products.

Black Bee Honey

Photo: Black Bee Honey (Shop here!)

Photo: Black Bee Honey (Shop here! )

Due to the loss of natural habitats, exposure to pesticides, and the lack of protection efforts, there has been a sharp decline in the honeybee’s population. In fact, did you know that most of the honey jars and products found in supermarkets are rarely 100% pure honey, and are largely imported and blended unsustainably from locations far away?

Now did you also know that the British Black Bee could reverse the decline in honeybee colonies across the UK? Black bees are more adapted to cool and wet weather conditions, able to produce enough honey that can last them throughout winter, and know how to make up for the deficiencies of honey stores if winter is longer than expected.

In discovering the problem existing within the honey production market, and in order to protect native honeybees, Black Bee Honey was established with a mission to support British bees by only sourcing from black bee colonies and working with local honeybee keepers and British honey producers. Their products come in different flavours depending on the seasonal type flowers and locations of the beehives.


Photo: Dinoski (Shop here!)

Photo: Dinoski (Shop here!)

The sustainable kids adventure brand, Dinoski, is on a mission to remind everyone how great the great outdoors really is. All of their coats and ski suits are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. On National Tree Week, Dinoski committed to plant a tree for sales made on their winterwear in partnership with Treeapp. Their ecofriendly all-in-one animal themed ski & winter wear for children & toddlers gives back to the environment as by the end of this year, they aim to have cleaned the planet of 100,000 plastic bottles. We’ve never seen outerwear as cute and sustainable!

Behaviour changes are the first step to achieving a greater, collective, environmental change. The future is in our hands, and change is just one click away - whether it be planting a tree a day or switching to eco-friendly alternatives. “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit” is what I learned from a close friend. Have the will in mind, you will then have the power to change. Change that can last a lifetime.

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