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Climate April 21, 2021

Starting Your Journey to a Greener Office with Treeapp!

Sophie Badoche
Climate April 21, 2021

Businesses have a critical role to play in solving the climate crisis, and what better place to start than where the magic happens - the office. Having a green office is far from just having plants visible in your Zoom background. This blog post provides some tips to make your office greener through easy swaps, and with the help of Treeapp!

As so many of us will be returning to the office as lockdown restrictions ease, we have been given a great opportunity to improve/ make an eco friendly work space and support these goals!

Green Energy:

Making the switch to a green energy tariff is a great step towards making your office greener.

A few of the best energy providers that offer 100% renewable energy and 100% carbon offset gas include: Bulb , , OVO EnergyOctopus EnergyEcotricity

Also, green energy does not have to cost you more! Ongoing energy comparisons show that some of the cheapest energy suppliers are green!

Photo: Field of windmills (Source: Unsplash)

Photo: Field of windmills (Source: Unsplash)

Green Office Supplies:

Check out online second hand stores and marketplace sites! You will often be able to find the product you need quicker than you think. Taking this sustainable approach will save you money and contribute to a much lower environmental impact!

When it comes to stationary and supplies there are a lot of sustainable companies offering fantastic environmentally friendly alternatives.

Don’t forget to also consider planet friendly printing! Improving office printing practices and ensuring staff are mindful of what needs to be printed can go a long way in reducing your emissions.

Make your team climate positive with Treeapp:

With Treeapp, you can offset your team’s carbon emissions. We support hundreds of brands to become climate positive by funding climate projects and planting trees where they’re most needed.

Make my Team Climate Positive Package with Treeapp

Photo: Make my Team Climate Positive Package (Source: Treeapp)

By choosing how many people are in your workforce, our platform will automatically calculate the amount of carbon credits and trees needed to offset your emissions! This has been made possible by the amazing work of our PhD experts team - using data from the European Union and World Bank.

Checkout our calculator now and start offsetting your team’s footprint for as little as £4.7 per month!

Monthly Tree Planting

You can plant a set amount of trees with Treeapp every month: just choose how many trees you’d like to be planted each month and we’ll take care of the rest!

Photo: Plant Trees for My Company Package (Source: Treeapp)

Photo: Plant Trees for My Company Package (Source: Treeapp)

You can also choose to plant a tree for every sale, or for every order above £10 on your website. Simply input how many trees you’d like to plant every month and adjust the number of trees as your business grows via our dashboard! Let your customers know that their purchases are having such an impact!

In addition to planting trees you will receive a number of perks as part of your Treeapp package such as planting site assets, including videos and images from our tree planting projects. You can also receive a tree planting certificate, to show to your community your official contribution.

Start planting trees with Treeapp today via this link

Join the largest community of sustainable brands today, for a greener office and mindset!

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