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Our News April 22, 2021

Our Impact Report: From 0 to 400,000 Trees

Sophie Badoche
Our News April 22, 2021

Familiar with the phrase ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’? Here at Treeapp, we believe it wholeheartedly, as just like that, it’s been a year since we launched our app! Cue the balloons! (Biodegradable ones of course).

Treeapp’s vision is to change how climate change can be fought by the masses; to give anyone the opportunity to make a positive impact and play their part in safeguarding our planet.

A year later, we’re still working hard to achieve our mission everyday. With 40,000 users on our app, Treeapp is growing rapidly in order to make the world a greener place.

To celebrate our first year of planting, we’ve compiled a Treeapp impact report to showcase the work that has gone into the app from both the team here at Treeapp and by you, the users! It’s been fun to bring together what you have helped us accomplish, and we’re immensely proud of what our community has done. (We hope you are too!) As a sneak peak, here are some of our chosen highlights from the impact report:

Photo: Our tree-planting achievement!

Photo: Our tree-planting achievement!

A total of 400,000 trees have been planted in our first year of operations, spanning 3 continents and 13+ planting locations.

100+ sustainable brand partners collaborated with us on the app.

Treeapp reached both ‘App of the Day’ on the App Store, and ‘Top 10 Apps’ on the Play Store.

A collaboration with UK floorfillers ‘Disclosure’ brought about a limited edition Treeapp x Disclosure shirt.

Photo: Our community achievements!

Photo: Our community achievements!

This and so much more can be found in our full impact report, which is linked here

Lastly, we want to round off this post with a thank you message: to everyone that has downloaded the app, planted a tree, been part of our community on social media and spread the word about Treeapp, you’ve turned Treeapp from an idea into a reality, and inspired our team to work hard everyday to make our app and this world a greener place.

Let’s keep planting!

Are you excited to join the reforestation movement? Support our planting efforts and download Treeapp to start planting today!

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