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Projects June 11, 2021

From Roots to Reefs In Lombok

Sophie Badoche
Projects June 11, 2021

Treeapp Partners with an Indonesian NGO

We are excited to announce our newest NGO partner, Sorce, on Treeapp, which restores degraded shorelines in Lombok, Indonesia. From 11th June 2021, Treeapp users can plant a tree every day on the island, watch their mangroves grow and spot sharks, turtles and stingrays swimming close to the planting sites!

Restoring Mangrove Cover on Lombok Island

This is Treeapp’s second site in Indonesia, a country where deforestation has led to a 40% reduction in forest cover during the last 3 decades. Particularly mangroves have taken the fall, with excessive logging activities reducing the seawater-tolerant species along coastlines. As they provide shelter, food and improve water nutrient levels for marine life, the consequences for biodiversity are dire. Treeapp will plant in Batu Putih in order to restore the lost forests and rebuild marine life along the coast.

Treeapp’s reforestation site of Sorce on Lombok Island

Photo: Reforestation site of Sorce on Lombok Island

How Your Mangroves Make the Difference

Many of the fish home to coral reefs undertake migrations between mangroves, seagrass beds and reefs. Unsurprisingly, the existence of mangroves and mangrove nurseries has shown to double the number of fish in the planting areas. Dense, thick forests alongside the coastline are therefore essential to foster healthy ecosystems below water and attract species back to the shores of Lombok Island.

Let us introduce you to one of the fish benefitting from your mangrove forests on Lombok island: the broad-club cuttlefish (photo below from our site!). They enjoy spending most of their time in and out of coral reefs. Perfectly camouflaged, they change not only their colour but also their pattern according to surroundings! From stripy patterns to wild blotches, they won’t be spotted easily among the colourful scenery. Moreover, when the eggs of broad-club cuttlefish hatch, the young fish hide among the coral, mimicking mangrove leaves in order to hide from predators. They’ll thank you for the trees you plant here!

Photo: Broad-club cuttlefish at our mangrove site on Lombok

Photo: Broad-club cuttlefish at our mangrove site on Lombok

Studying your trees (literally!)

Our local planting partner Sorce is working closely with universities on scientific research on the island. From the effects of mangroves on turtle and shark conservation, this organisation is deeply invested in monitoring and adapting planting methodologies to optimally benefit the environment. We will not only be tracking the growth of our trees but also the existence of additional flora and fauna that appear as a result of the newly planted trees. Sorce also teaches A-levels and university classes in order to involve interested individuals from across the world in their conservation mission. Planting trees, snorkeling, and working with local communities is all possible whilst continuing your education with Sorce!

A Diver as part of Sorce’s underwater research team with Treeapp

Photo: A Diver as part of Sorce’s underwater research team

We are looking forward to updating you with all the exciting photos, videos and drone footage from our sites. You can watch your trees grow on the app, whilst checking in on sharks, stingrays and fish passing by our sites. Stay tuned for some exciting content on Treeapp!

Treeapp’s Planting Sites on Lombok island

Photo: Our Planting Sites on Lombok island

Would you enjoy being part of the reforestation movement on Lombok Island? Support our planting efforts and download Treeapp to start planting today!

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