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Our News March 4, 2022

Our Year in Review: Planting Activities in 2021

Sophie Badoche
Our News March 4, 2022

Treeapp around the world

Our tree-planting activities in 2021 scaled rapidly. With the support of our users and brand partners, we expanded to new sites in many countries, extending our impact and following our mission to reforest the globe! We did, however, face difficulties during the year as did many. Covid & health regulations as well as prolonged droughts delayed the start of our planting operations. Nevertheless, our dedicated planters managed to plant all the trees in the ground once restrictions were lifted and regular activities resumed. We are happy to be concluding the year with having reached our tree-planting targets as well as becoming B-Corp certified!

Explore the updates from our planting activities for all sites below:

Treeapp planter with tree saplings in Lushoto in Tanzania

Photo: Treeapp planter with saplings in Lushoto in Tanzania in August 2021


2021 was an exciting year for our Tanzanian sites! Our tree planting now extends from towns such as Vuga Kiluwai and Nyankei in Lushoto to our newest site addition at the foot of the Usambara Mountains in Lunguza. We are reforesting entire hills to their original forest cover to maximise impact! A team of 30 planters prepares, plants and monitors our trees each rainy season. The planting stabilises the local climate and provides habitat for many mammals, reptiles and insects. Endangered bird species such as the Usambara Weaver have been returning to the areas around our sites in search for habitat.


Our Mangroves have survived the dry season! Below you’ll see our 6 months old Mangroves which will grow to the size of the trees in the background. Reforesting this site along Tudor Creek, one of the main two water bodies in Kenya, will restore biodiversity in the region.

Treeapp planter with 6 month old Mangroves in Kenya in 2021

Photo: Treeapp planter with 6 month old Mangroves in Kenya in 2021


Our trees in Ethiopia are now just over 1 years old! Another 2-3 years and the trees will be producing fruits such as lemons, guava and papaya. Our women-led teams in Shebedino, southern Ethiopia, are able to return back to school thanks to the money made through tree-planting!


From biodegradable seedling bags to electric bicycles, local operations are pioneering new ways to carry out the transport of seedlings in our sites!

‘We are creating more sustainable ways to plant trees, thanks to Treeapp’ - Emmanuel, local planter.


In addition to planting on Biak Island, Treeapp opened up a new site on the island of Lombok in 2021. After a successful pilot project of 800 mangroves, our local planters started creating nurseries and gathering seeds at scale. The first batch of trees were planted towards the end of 2021, and we can’t wait to see them grow!

Mangroves work interdependently with coral reefs and seabeds, restoring marine health and providing habitat for many species! And we have already spotted sharks, cuttlefish and turtles around our sites. Our local planters also re-grow coral from existing fragments to accelerate the health of the underwater ecosystem.

New Treeapp planting site in Lombok, Indonesia

Photo: New Treeapp planting site in Lombok, Indonesia


In Guinea, we waited a while for the rainy season to begin. As a result of climate change, this year was less predictable and local planters anticipated the first raindrops to fall in July. A local team of 12 then managed to plant all trees during the wetter month of August.


We will continue planting Mangrove species in 2022 as they have a fantastic effect on the Mozambican wildlife. Sea life including various types of fish have been returning to the shorelines, finding shelter among the sturdy roots of these trees that survive on land and along the shorelines.

Treeapp’s One year old Mangroves in our Mozambique site in July 2021

Photo: One year old Mangroves in our Mozambique site in July 2021


Madagascar has experienced one of the worst droughts in history across the past two years. As a result, tree-planting has become much more urgent to create a micro-climate in biodiversity hotspots to shelter endangered species. In one of our largest sites to date, we planted over 200,000 trees in 2021 to reverse damage done in the region.


Planting trees in Peru has had a great impact; the water quality has improved in the area due to the increased reforestation efforts. Surrounding farms are also benefitting from better soil quality and higher nutrient content through the conservation of existing forests and careful preparation of new sites. The first two batches of saplings are already in the ground on the hills of Lechuga in Piura! Carrying up bags of saplings isn’t an easy task in the region! Horses and donkeys are helping our planters to mobilise the young trees. Locals were able to carry out their traditional way of living by safeguarding their area from deforestation.

Mr. Gabino Tocto Padilla, one of Treeapp’s local planters in Peru


Much of 2021 was characterized by Covid-19 regulations on our sites in Brazil. Planters were not allowed onto the fields but had to remain isolated to prevent Covid-19 from reaching the indigenous communities. A few core members continued to take care of the tree nurseries to make sure the trees survived. Once the restrictions were lifted in November 2021, the planting operations began again.


Haiti experienced an earthquake in the summer of 2021 which slightly affected the local towns around the planting sites through infrastructure disruptions. Thankfully no one was harmed and with a slight delay in planting activities, our saplings all ended up in the ground and are growing tall!


Our trees in Nepal are just over 1 years old now. Our women-led team has made quite the impact in the region. The tree-planting venture has provided marginalised women with a means to provide for themselves and benefit the environment at the same time.

One year old tree on Treeapp’s Nepal site in 2021

Photo: One year old tree in our Nepal site in 2021

Looking forward to planting more trees with you in 2022!

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