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Our News April 21, 2022

Our Impact Report: We grow together

Sophie Badoche
Our News April 21, 2022

On 22nd April, it is Earth Day once again which also means that it has already been two years since we launched our app! Within these two years we have grown our impact, our network and our planting teams to achieve a greener world.

To commemorate our second Birthday, we have created an Impact Report to highlight the outcome of the continuous efforts of the Treeapp planters, community and brand partners. It’s been a great experience putting together all the accomplishments you helped us achieve over the last year and we are very proud to conclude our second year with having planted over 1,000,000 trees! Here are some of the highlights from our impact report:

Tree planters on our sites

Photo: Get to know our planters across the world

Our in-app reforestation projects span 4 continents.

1000+ hectares restored which is the same area as the British territory of Gibraltar!

More than 150 species of trees were planted. 

Over 60 mammal species have found a home on our planting sites.

Tree Growth

Photo: The trees are growing!

Our full impact report, which you can find here , has all of these highlights and so much more for you to explore.

 A big thank you to the Treeapp Community who has helped us grow and continues to motivate us to work hard every day to make the planet a greener one! Next year will be even more exciting, so join us and spread the word about Treeapp to plant more trees.

 Let’s grow our impact and keep planting!

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