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Businesses are responsible for most of global carbon emissions. What are you doing to change this?

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Their tree planting projects create local jobs opportunities, reduce air, water and soil pollution and bring communities together.

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In the news

  • Our Impact Report

    To celebrate our first year of planting, we’ve compiled a Treeapp impact report to showcase the work that has gone into the app from both the team here at Treeapp and by you, the users!

  • Starting your journey to a greener office with Treeapp!

    Wondering how to make your office a greener space? Read on to find out how green energy, eco-friendly office supplies and making your brand climate positive with Treeapp can help reduce your emissions!

  • Treeapp Growth Means New Sites and Cool Changes

    In order to get all our users’ trees in the ground, we are adding more sites to our partner countries – creating a greater reach within local communities and having a stronger impact on the biodiversity in regions we plant in.

  • Our Year in Review - Treeapp Planting Sites 2020

    2020 has been amazing for Treeapp! With your help we have planted trees all over the world, restored woodlands, employed local communities and provided habitat and shelter for native species.

  • 3 Ways to Help Save the World in the Next 5 Minutes

    Here at Treeapp, we know the importance of making environmental acts fit in and around people’s everyday routines and lifestyles. Not everyone has the time and money to protest in the streets, write blog posts (like us!) or adopt a plant-based diet.

  • 5 Brands We Love

    We have welcomed some new brand partners to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle whilst working towards a sustainable future. Here are 5 more alternative and amazing brands we’re delighted to share with you!

  • Time to Reforest Brazil

    We are excited to announce our newest NGO partner, Cepan, on Treeapp, which manages planting sites in eastern Brazil. From 4th December 2020, Treeapp users can plant a tree every day in Brazil, the country with the greatest biodiversity on the planet.

  • The Secret Emitter: Food Waste

    The enormous effect of food waste on our planet and people is shocking and we must urgently change our approach to shopping, storing and cooking food.

  • How to help with wildfires across the world?

    We have broken down the global forest fire problem into regions, so you can easily find out how you can help with wildfires in a particular area. This collection of resources highlights a) the emergency response to minimise immediate damage and b) the long-term sustainability and protection of forest ecosystems. Check them out here.

  • Plant in Peru!

    We are excited to announce our newest NGO partner, Progreso, on Treeapp, which operates within Peru’s borders in order to support local farming collectives.


Reach your goals with Treeapp

Planting with Treeapp will help you reach the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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