November 22, 2021

Dear Treeapp friends,

When starting our Treeapp journey, we wanted to create a platform which enables anyone to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Today, our intention remains to grow a simple & straightforward platform to enable anyone, regardless of their background, to have a positive impact.

We strongly believe that positive change comes with change in all aspects of life. We first launched Treeapp to enable free tree planting by discovering sustainable brands. Today, we are celebrating our second biggest milestone; empowering our users to purchase more responsibly, directly on the app!

As such, we’re very pleased to announce that the Treeapp Marketplace is now live. You can now discover sustainable brands and shop your values directly from Treeapp!

This has been a long awaited feature and months of hard work from our team - we often celebrate our community’s tree planting milestones but today it feels like we should celebrate this one.

Our mission is for Treeapp to become the number one app for sustainable living. From vegan, plastic free to ethically sourced products, we will help you live more sustainably by making simple eco-swaps!

Making a positive impact

Reducing carbon emissions and greening our planet is at the heart of everything we do. We want to inspire our thousands of users to shop sustainably and find eco-alternatives from our trusted brand partners.

Photo: The Treeapp Marketplace

Photo: The Treeapp Marketplace

When we started Treeapp, we wanted to enable anyone to make a meaningful impact from their phone. This is carried on to the Marketplace as our users can shop consciously by discovering a range of values to buy from!

We’ve always been conscious of our own impact on the environment, which is why we’ve committed to having carbon neutral deliveries by offsetting 100% of all emissions from shipping.

Shop your values

Fancy going zero-waste, vegan or plastic free? We’re here to help you on this journey. It is paramount for us to guide you through these sustainable choices and enable you to see product values.

On the Marketplace, you will find eco-friendly products with their associated values to make it easier for you to understand their environmental benefits.

Photo: Our Marketplace values

Photo: Our Marketplace values

If you’re looking for inspiration or gift ideas, our sustainable Marketplace has you covered, providing you with a holistic view of each products’ green credentials. With the rise of greenwashing, we believe offering complete transparency is crucial to tackle climate change.

Watch this space grow

You should know by now that we love our community’s feedback! We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve the Marketplace. We will grow this space very soon based on what our community wants to see, keep your eyes peeled for eco-gift inspiration and sustainable Christmas stocking fillers ahead of the holiday season!

Want to leave your feedback? Write to us here!

Thank you for the ongoing support and for helping us green this planet!

Jules, Leo & Godefroy